Debbie Fox, LCSW


Debbie Fox, LCSW is a clinical social worker and gerontologist. She is the founder and director of Magen Yeladim International Child Safety Institute and has lectured across the world on safe communities and protecting children and families. She has published a book and many chapters within her areas of clinical focus, and conducts a private practice for consultation and psychotherapy.

Her published work has been translated into many languages, and is used across the globe. She holds an MSW in Social Work and an MS in Gerontology from USC. She was formerly the director of the Orthodox Family Services program and clinic at JFS-LA where she founded the Aleinu Family Resource Center, which she directed. Her work was recognized nationally and Aleinu is the flagship program of its type for JFS agencies across the country. She has also directed ambulatory services and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the day-hospital program at Century City Hospital, and founded Reflections, a clinic and program for older adults.

Debbie Fox brings to the community a wealth of clinical skills, organizational and administrative expertise, excellent communication and relating ability in working with colleagues and with clients, and a keen solution-oriented focus for problem solving, innovation, program development, research, patient advocacy and professional productivity. The Foxes frequently serve as a team, as scholars-in-residence, group leaders, supervisors and professional consultants.