Dr. Daniel Eisenberg

Dr. Daniel Eisenberg is an Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging at Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine and a practicing radiologist in the Department of Radiology at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

He is a noted lecturer and Jewish medical ethics scholar-in-residence and publishes extensively on topics of Jewish medical ethics. He is in the process of publishing a three-volume Jewish medical ethics series through Mosaica Press to be titled: “Understanding Contemporary Issues in Medical Ethics from a Traditional Jewish Perspective: A Compendium of Essays, Letters, and Original Jewish Sources.”

His website, www.jewishmedicalethics.com, has been a source of information on issues in Jewish medical ethics, with a dedicated section devoted to guiding medical students seeking Shabbos observant residencies. He has served for many years as a resource for Jewish observant medical students seeking Sabbath observant residencies and has advocated for expanding Shomer Shabbos residencies for many years.

Dr. Eisenberg has recently co-created an online CME module for the ACGME Equity Matters series entitled “Creating an Inclusive Environment for Jewish Orthodox Trainees” educating medical training programs around the United States about the issues entailed in accommodating Orthodox Jewish medical trainees.