Rabbi Benzion Leser


Rav and Menahel of Chayim Aruchim Machon

Director of Chaplaincy of Maimonides Medical Center

Posek for the Jewish Board (JBFCS)

Rabbinical Advisor for Makdim

About Rabbi Benzion Leser:

Rabbi Benzion Leser is one of the Rabanim and the Menahal of the Chayim Aruchim Machon for Medical Halachah. Rabbi Leser is the Rav and Director of Chaplaincy at Maimonides Medical Center. Rabbi Leser focus is dealing with difficult Medical Halachik Shailos and End of Life matters. Rabbi Leser lectures and gives Shiurim on matters of Halacha and medicine. In addition, he serves as a Posek for the Jewish Board (JBFCS), where he serves as the Halachik consultant on matters of Halacha / Mental Health. Rabbi Leser serves as the Rabbinical Advisor for MAKDIM an organization with initiatives for preventative health and health awareness in the community. In the past, Rabbi Leser also served as a Rabbi and Chaplain with New York State Department of Corrections.