Rabbi Zischa Ausch


Dayan of Chayim Aruchim

Satmar Dayan

Dayan of Vulcan Shul

Rabbinical Advisor for Sunshine Childrens Home and Refuah Helpline

About Rabbi Zischa Ausch:

Rabbi Zischa Ausch is the Dayan of Chayim Aruchim together with the other Rabbonim of Chayim Aruchim to address global inquiries on end-of-life guidance according to Halacha. He acquired knowledge and guidance from his Father HaRav Herschel Ausch, the Rav of Chayim Aruchim, incorporating extensive medical expertise into complex halachic matters related to medical issues, especially those concerning end-of-life scenarios. Rabbi Zischa Ausch serves as the Dayan for the Satmer institutions to advise on all shailos which are medical related, he is the Dayan at the Vulcan Shul in Williamsburg where many seek his expert advise in all aspects of halacha and is the Rabbinical advisor for the well-known Sunshine Children’s Home and Refuah help line. Widely recognized in the Jewish community, including clinicians, Rabbi Zisha Ausch is also the author of Moznei Halacha a masterpiece sefer in contemporary complex issues in the realm of halacha.